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Nominated as the best Martial Arts School of Northern Nevada 3 Year In a Row by Reno News and Review


The Academy

Opened in 1995, today ZMA is one of the most professional, well established martial arts academies around.
At ZMA students of all ages learn and achieve self confidence, concentration, control, respect, and self discipline in the rich tradition of Chinese Kung-Fu.

We offer programs in KIDS KUNG FU, ADULT MARTIAL ARTS, and TAI CHI for people of all ages and physical levels. We offer a curriculum that is deeply rooted in tradition and balanced with progressive and innovative teaching methods and philosophies.

To all Reno and Sparks resident
…ready for an amazing experience with martial arts,

Martial arts is so ingrained into my life, that I can’t imagine my life without it. More importantly, I can’t imagine my life without the gift of bringing martial arts to our community. It’s why I get up in the morning with so much enthusiasm, and why I work as hard as I can to make my martial arts school an amazing experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

Here’s a glimpse into the results of this effort. You’ll find out a bit about our instructors, how we do things here, our facility, as well as what martial arts is really all about.

Read it over, and give us a call when you’re done to get started now. I can’t wait for martial arts to become a part of your life, too.

Passionate Instructors Who Really Care.
One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get is about our instructors. The men, women & children of our community just can’t get enough of their passion and enthusiasm. That’s because martial arts isn’t a “hobby” or something our instructors just “do on the weekends.” It’s something they believe in. Something that’s embedded into every area of their lives.

And our instructors can’t help but pass along this enthusiasm and passion onto every student they encounter. They’re motivational, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable. Have a question? A challenge? A problem? They’ve got you covered.

Entire families train with us here. Kids train with kids. Adults train with adults. Lots of our members live within walking distance of each other, and many are friends outside of our classes. The result: a close, family-like sense of community here. And the moment you join our classes, you’ll feel right at home with this community.

Students who have been training for a while help out the beginners. Exercises often require partners, and students take advantage of this to encourage and cheer each other on.

No one is competing with anyone else here. No one is trying to “show off” or “out do” the next guy. Everyone just wants to learn and grow and help each other out.

Get Started Now.
Take your time browsing around our website. You’ll find information on all of our programs, get access to our exclusive online specials, and most importantly – you can get signed up today.

I can’t wait to meet you in person, and help you reach your goals with martial arts. Whether you’re looking for fitness, inner-growth, or self-defense – we’ll help you get there.

Sifu Zai

  • Nominated as the best Martial Arts School by Reno News and Review.
  • Severing the Reno/Sparks community since 1995
  • All inclusive membership, NO Testing or Association Fees
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Self Confidence
“I have seen a huge difference in my kid. He is much more confident and outgoing.
I love seeing him interact with people and not be shy or afraid.
I am so proud of him”


“Thank you Sifu for teaching me kung fu. It is really fun. I can’t wait to become a black belt. Thank you for the best classes. Your the best kung fu teacher ever. ”


Everything about our experience with Zai Martial Arts has been outstanding. Our child has increased his focus, balance, and martial arts skills far beyond our expectations. The entire staff is amazing and we have felt nothing but welcome since day one. Anyone looking for training in martial arts I would highly recommend spending 10 minutes speaking with Sifu Zai, as his knowledge and passion are clearly evident through his interactions with his students and parents. I would rate Zai martial arts a 10 out of 10.


Sifu Zai and his teaching staff at ZMA are wonderful! From the moment we walked into the academy with my 6 and 4 year olds we knew that ZMA was the perfect school. The atmosphere and attitudes are very relaxed yet focused, without your typical MMA types who are addicted to their own testosterone. For a friendly and positive atmosphere ZMA is the place for families.