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Choy Li Fut Kung fu

Dating back over 2,000 years to the Shaolin Temple, kung fu is one of the oldest form of self-defense. Monks practiced kung fu not only as a means of self-protection, but as a form of health improvement. Since that time, kung fu has spread all over the world with hundreds of different styles and millions of practitioners.

Zai Martial Arts Academy teaches a powerful style of kung fu called Choy Li Fut. It is is one of the fastest growing styles of kung fu worldwide because of its unique versatility. Combining the advanced hand techniques of Southern styles with quick agile footwork found in Northern Styles,   The Shaolin Temple is considered to be the birthplace of Asian martial arts. In fact, many popular styles of martial arts including karate, tae kwon do and jiu-jitsu have Shaolin origins.

ZMA Self Defense.

At Zai Martial Arts Academy we recognize the beauty and health benefits of ancient traditional martial arts. but at the same time we understand that some of the old traditional self defense techniques are no longer effective in todays modern world.

Understanding this our founder Sifu Zai has created a system to make sure that our students get a no nonsense self defense training that combines all aspects of self defense, from weapon training to kicks and punches to clinching and grappling techniques.





There are honestly countless other benefits adults get with martial arts.

But rather than tell you about them myself just listen to what some of our students had to say…

Susanne W

Personal Growth
I have been attending this wonderful school for just over a year now. The biggest changes I have noticed have been a very pleasing reduction in my weight (50 Lbs.) and an increase in my strength. Another change – one that is a bit difficult to believe even for me – is when I measured my height; I was .75 in. taller due to the strengthening of my core muscles and the focus on proper posture when practicing Kung Fu. Additionally, I have realized benefits in my personal life by applying the discipline I have been practicing in class to my personal and professional life. Sifu Zai, Dai Si-Hing Nos, and Mr. Bower are wonderful teachers that not only motivate me to push myself, but also make the hard work extremely fun. Every day I attend class, the instructors are there with positive and encouraging attitudes that help me focus on the art rather than my day-to-day worries. Along with this, Sifu is insistent on finding out each student’s motivation for attending class whether it is purely for fitness, self-discipline, or self-defense. This focus on student motivations allows for a level of individual focus not found in many other arts and helps keep me working toward my goals

Don M

Zai Martial Arts is the 2nd place I’ve attended for kung fu and I love it. The classes are a great mix of technique and practical application…mixed with enough excercise and mental preparation to make a very well-rounded, enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this academy.

James B

I have been training at the Academy since April and it has been a wonderful experience. Sifu Zai has created a great atmosphere to meet any individual training needs and everyone at the academy has been extremely helpful. I will continue to train at the Academy as long as I live in Reno..

Blake D

I’ve attended Zai Martial Arts Academy for over three years, and I’ve lost 45+ pounds in that time (most of that in the first year). We learn practical self defense techniques, gain confidence, and, most importantly, have fun! I’ve tried gyms, but the motivation was never there to keep going. Motivation isn’t an issue with ZMA because it’s about having fun and learning more; getting into better shape is the pleasant side effect. The atmosphere is fun and family-oriented, and my child attends now, too. Highly recommended.

Adam R

Zai Martial Arts is a top-notch school. I’ve been training here for about five years and have been challenged ever since day one. The instructors are very knowledgeable and courteous. The one thing that I like most about Zai Martial Arts is the variety. Having the option to learn different weapons, hand forms, and self-defense techniques, along with grappling, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu, you won’t find yourself getting bored.




Q: I would like to lose a few pounds. Can your kung fu classes assist me with my weight control?

A: You can think of our classes as an exercise program with a bonus—you will be learning how to defend yourself while you lose weight and get in great shape. With your increased strength and stamina you will have more energy and feel great all day long. Also, you will never feel out of place because everyone trains at their own individual pace.

Q: My husband’s stress level is very high. Do your classes help relieve stress?

A: Absolutely! Doctors recommend physical exercise to relieve stress. In addition, we practice special breathing exercises in our classes that will help your husband increase his level of relaxation for a longer happier life.

Q: I’ve always wanted to take martial arts classes, but I am worried about getting hurt. are your classes safe?

A: Definitely! With any physical activity there is always the risk of injury. We try to minimize these risks by utilizing the best training equipment on the market. Our staff works very hard to ensure that every aspect of our program is taught under safe learning conditions. The risk of injury while participating in classes at Kicks Karate is no greater than taking an aerobics class or playing recreational softball.

Q: I am kind of shy and reserved, Can your classes help me become more assertive?

A: Assertiveness is derived directly from self-confidence. By taking classes at ZMA your body will get stronger and your mind will be sharper. Once you learn how to protect and defend yourself, you will become more self-confident and this will allow you to be more assertive.

Q: My boyfriend and I are interested in Martial arts, but our goal is to have fun. Are your classes fun?

A: One of the reasons our program is so successful is because our instructors make sure every class is fun and exciting. We learned a special secret a long time ago—if people are enjoying themselves, they learn much faster!

Q: Can kung fu really protect me in a real-life self defense situation?

A: Positively! At ZMA we teach a complete self defense system. We will work with you so that you know how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and how to resolve conflicts peacefully. If this doesn’t work, you will be prepared to defend yourself with a wide variety of practical, proven self defense skills. You will be prepared!

Q: Getting in shape is great, but why shouldn’t I just join a health club?

A: Kung fu focuses on developing and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Our unique program will help you improve your concentration for better work and study skills. You will learn how to set and achieve goals, making you more successful in all aspects of your life. You will also find that as you continue to practice, your confidence and discipline will improve and you will develop a more positive attitude toward life.

Q: What other physical benefits can I expect to achieve through your classes?

A: Your coordination and reflexes will improve, increasing your performance in kung fu and other physical activities as well. By increasing your flexibility, you will decrease your risk of injury to joints and muscles. Also, our great cardiovascular workouts will strengthen your heart and lungs, keeping you healthy and active for the rest of your life!



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