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“Yesterday was even more awesome than the normal great classes. The session on manners with the parental handout was impressive. Mr. Yangton does such a good job engaging the kids in question and answer with a deep respect for their answers regardless of the child’s response. He always makes them feel valued for their input and gently moves them back to the topic or onto the next step.
The snap kick drills were fun for the kids while also an intense workout in balance, coordination, mental focus and strength. I had a feeling Josh would be sore this morning and he was. Not in a bad way, but in a way he has never felt before because he hadn’t pushed himself enough to feel physically challenged. As he matures, I see him trying harder in the Kung Fu classes and continuing to work at difficult skills instead of giving up.
The new employee Ms. Marquez is an asset to your team. She was quite personable as she introduced herself and asked which student was my child. It’s so beneficial when you have two instructors working with the kids which you have been doing for quite some time.
I appreciate the way you are always looking to improve your program which has always been outstanding. Way to exceed expectations and model the lessons you are teaching our children.


Self Confidence
“I have seen a huge difference in my kid. He is much more confident and outgoing. I love seeing him interact with people and not be shy or afraid. I am so proud of him”


“Thank you Sifu for teaching me kung fu. It is really fun. I can’t wait to become a black belt. Thank you for the best classes. Your the best kung fu teacher ever. ”


Everything about our experience with Zai Martial Arts has been outstanding. Our child has increased his focus, balance, and martial arts skills far beyond our expectations. The entire staff is amazing and we have felt nothing but welcome since day one. Anyone looking for training in martial arts I would highly recommend spending 10 minutes speaking with Sifu Zai, as his knowledge and passion are clearly evident through his interactions with his students and parents. I would rate Zai martial arts a 10 out of 10.


Sifu Zai and his teaching staff at ZMA are wonderful! From the moment we walked into the academy with my 6 and 4 year olds we knew that ZMA was the perfect school. The atmosphere and attitudes are very relaxed yet focused, without your typical MMA types who are addicted to their own testosterone. For a friendly and positive atmosphere ZMA is the place for families.

Mike B

Looking forward to going to class
“A year and a half ago we bought our grandson a month of lessons at Zai Martial Arts Academy as a reward for good grades. He has never looked back. ZMA promote respect, hard work, and learning, that transcends from the class room to everyday life. Our grandson has shown much more self-confidence and discipline over the last 1 1/2 years. He loves it and looks forward to coming to the class each week. We can’t thank the all instructors for everything they do.

Susanne W

Personal Growth
I have been attending this wonderful school for just over a year now. The biggest changes I have noticed have been a very pleasing reduction in my weight (50 Lbs.) and an increase in my strength. Another change – one that is a bit difficult to believe even for me – is when I measured my height; I was .75 in. taller due to the strengthening of my core muscles and the focus on proper posture when practicing Kung Fu. Additionally, I have realized benefits in my personal life by applying the discipline I have been practicing in class to my personal and professional life. Sifu Zai, Dai Si-Hing Nos, and Mr. Bower are wonderful teachers that not only motivate me to push myself, but also make the hard work extremely fun. Every day I attend class, the instructors are there with positive and encouraging attitudes that help me focus on the art rather than my day-to-day worries. Along with this, Sifu is insistent on finding out each student’s motivation for attending class whether it is purely for fitness, self-discipline, or self-defense. This focus on student motivations allows for a level of individual focus not found in many other arts and helps keep me working toward my goals

Sabrina T

On October 21, 2013 I and over 700 families and friends went through the same tragedy as SandyBrook, Columbine High School and many Colleges have gone through. A 12 year old boy brought a semi-automatic gun to school to stop the bullying he was going through. That morning my son watch this boy walk up to the group of kids my son,Ian, was standing with and pulled this gun out and shot another boy in the shoulder. My son, whom attended ZMA and reach the rank of Orange Belt before football came along, remembered his training and not only tripped the shooter but was able to toss the gun a few feet away. The shooter retrieved the gun and aimed at my son Ian. Ian backed off and asked not to be shot. The the Creator he wasn’t one of the injured. I know in such situations most people forget any and all training when that person is staring down the barrel of a gun. I am very proud of my son and praise ALL the instructors here at ZMA! THANKS just isn’t enough for my son’s life.

Don M

Zai Martial Arts is the 2nd place I’ve attended for kung fu and I love it. The classes are a great mix of technique and practical application…mixed with enough excercise and mental preparation to make a very well-rounded, enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this academy.

James B

I have been training at the Academy since April and it has been a wonderful experience. Sifu Zai has created a great atmosphere to meet any individual training needs and everyone at the academy has been extremely helpful. I will continue to train at the Academy as long as I live in Reno..

Blake D

I’ve attended Zai Martial Arts Academy for over three years, and I’ve lost 45+ pounds in that time (most of that in the first year). We learn practical self defense techniques, gain confidence, and, most importantly, have fun! I’ve tried gyms, but the motivation was never there to keep going. Motivation isn’t an issue with ZMA because it’s about having fun and learning more; getting into better shape is the pleasant side effect. The atmosphere is fun and family-oriented, and my child attends now, too. Highly recommended.

Adam R

Zai Martial Arts is a top-notch school. I’ve been training here for about five years and have been challenged ever since day one. The instructors are very knowledgeable and courteous. The one thing that I like most about Zai Martial Arts is the variety. Having the option to learn different weapons, hand forms, and self-defense techniques, along with grappling, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu, you won’t find yourself getting bored.

David A

Zai Martail Arts is an inspiring, empowering, life changing organization. Sifu Zais level of expertise is matched only by his patience and love for teaching. The instuction is a perfect blend of old world beauty and new age application with the emphasise placed on the progress of each individual, no matter the skill level. Students of any age will find Zai Martail Arts to be all they expect from a Kung Fu school and more!!!!

David M

Everything about our experience with Zai Martial Arts has been outstanding. Our child has increased his focus, balance, and martial arts skills far beyond our expectations. The entire staff is amazing and we have felt nothing but welcome since day one. Anyone looking for training in martial arts I would highly recommend spending 10 minutes speaking with cifu Zai, as his knowledge and passion are clearly evident through his interactions with his students and parents. I would rate Zai martial arts a 10 out of 10.

Elaine V

Zai XMA provides a great blend of traditional martial arts and applicable, hands-on self defense. The instructors are incredibly passionate about what they do, and they foster a fun, safe, family-friendly, community environment. One thing that sets this school apart is the training program instructors must complete before teaching classes. The other thing that sets this school apart are its wonderful students. No Cobra Kai here. :)Women: Don’t be nervous about signing up, the guys are nice and there are other female students too. Men: Yes, there are women and young adults in class, but you’ll have bigger guys to train with. Adults: Don’t worry about getting stuck in a class full of little kids — they have their own really great programs to attend (which I’ll let the parents review). Lastly, it’s a good workout. I’m usually sweating bullets about two minutes into any given form, and that doesn’t even touch the boxing workouts and sparring.

Jack C

Sifu Zai does an excellent job of combining the traditional aspects of Chou li fut and tai ji with modern day aspects of self defense, sparring and mma style fighting. The family atmosphere and student and instructor comraderee is balanced with the challenge of the styles taught and the expectations of the head instructors. Excellent school and styles of gung-Fu!

Mark K

Once you enter Zai Martial Arts Academy you immediately recognize the comraderee and positive atmosphere. Not only are the instructors attentive and detail oriented, but your fellow students are friendly and helpful as well. Structured instruction, positive reinforcement, respect, discipline, attention to detail, and practical application are always promoted in a positive and safe manner. Sifu Zai and his staff are helping me to build and change my life phyisically, mentally and philosophically.


Teresa Q

I started training at Zai Academy two years ago because this school taught a complete kung fu system — choy li fut and tai chi. The challenging curriculum includes indepth single and double sword and staff training. I love this school, the teachers and the other students. The chief and assistant instructors are enthusiastic, dedicated, highly skilled, and caring. Sifu Zai is almost always present, in charge, and teaching. After 2 years, I can see that he obviously cares about each student’s progress and he is an inspiring teacher. The training environment is friendly, respectful, and disciplined.

Austin S

I’ve been with ZMA for two years now and have been doing martial arts for about 9 years.Not only is the training top notch but the school is free of arrogant attitudes, which is hard to find in martial arts school now a days.Plus having the possibility to learn 52 weapons? What more can I say