Raise Healthy, Happy, Confident Kids


Our Awesome Kids program starts with fun and positive encouragement as the main focus to introduce a young student to martial arts. This program is designed to help develop a young student’s attention span, basic motor skills, and social skills..

(Beginners Class Schedule)

Monday & Wednesday and Friday: 4:15pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 5pm

Saturday: 10am

Our Youth martial arts program is designed to encourage your child’s personal growth and self-assurance.  One of the main goals of this class is to improve their mental focus and teach them to understand responsibility, respect, and that success is the result of hard work and consistency.

(Beginners Class Schedule)

Monday & Wednesday and Friday: 5:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 5:45pm

Saturday: 10:45am


With years of experience our instructors know that not everyone learns the same way. They know exactly how to help your child get the best out of our training.

Awesome Benefits

Watch your child’s strength, agility, stamina, focus, confidence, and self-discipline grow with each class.

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Safe Learning Environment

Know that your part of a family friendly and safe environment focused on inspiring students of all ages.

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