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AWESOME KIDS (age 4-6)

√  Learn in a safe and fun environment
√  Increase confidence and develop self discipline
√  Tought by cerfified instructors
√  Improve focuse, coordination and strenght

YOUTH (age 7-12)

√  Learn how to defend themselves without violence
√  Kids learn to stay calm under pressure.
√  Classes are thought by top notch instructors.
√  Kids make friends and have lots of fun

TEENS (age 13-18)

Enhance self-confidence and self-discipline
Experience enjoyable, and social atmosphere
√ Certified martial arts teachers.
√ Improve focus, coordination, and strength

ADULT (age 18-up)

√  Learn street-smart self-defemse
√  Develop a healthy self-image
√  Enhance social skills
√  Build strength, flexibility and fitness


Welcome to Zai Martial Arts, Reno

Opened in 1995, today ZMA is one of the most professional, well established martial arts academies around.

At Zai Martial Arts in Reno, we believe that everyone can benefit from martial arts training. Our experienced and caring Instructors, leads a community that helps students of all ages and abilities build confidence, full-body fitness, and lasting friendships. Our curriculum-based approach goes beyond basic karate techniques and focuses on developing essential life skills like grit, focus, and self-discipline. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way. With Instructor Zaid’s expert guidance, you’ll learn to tackle new challenges both on and off the mat with confidence. Your safety and well-being are our top priority, and we take pride in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone who walks through our doors. Come join us at Zai Martial Arts in and start your journey!

We offer programs in KIDS MARTIAL ARTS, LEADERSHIP,  ADULT MARTIAL  ARTS,  BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, AND WOMEN’s SELF DEFENSE  for people of all ages and physical levels. Our curriculum that is deeply rooted in tradition and balanced with progressive and innovative teaching methods and philosophies.



I don’t think I have enough praise for this place. I absolutely love the way their structure is. They focus on building confidence by constantly praising good behavior and form. I can really tell that the instructor genuinely enjoys what he does.


My son loves his classes and I’ve noticed him being more active, playing, and more social making new friends. The Xbox & sitting in front of tv are a thing of the past!! I highly recommend!!


I have attended ZMA academy for several years now and am impressed with Sifu Zai’s depth of martial arts experience and his skill and patience as an instructor.  I enthusiastically support martial arts training for men and women of all ages, and highly recommend the instructors of ZMA academy instructors.



Master Zai – Founder

√ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt
√ Kimpo Karate Black Belt
√ Tai Kwan Do Black Belt
√ Kung Fu Black Sash
√ Tai Chi Black Sash

Sensei Zaid – Head Instructor

√ ZMA Black Belt
√ Kung Fu Black Sash
√ Bjj
√ Kickboxing
√ Muay Thai

Mr. Creger – Sr. Instructor

√ ZMA Black Belt
√ Kung Fu Black Sash
√ Kimpo Karate Black Belt
√ Tai Chi Black Sash

Mrs. Smith – Sr. Instructor

√ ZMA Black Belt
√ Kung Fu Black Sash
√ Tai Chi Black Sash

Ms. Baeza – Instructor

√ ZMA Black Belt – X

Ms. Andriese – Instructor

√ ZMA Red Belt



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